Who are we?

We are a couple of academic skin enthusiasts in Canada. While I am a board certified dermatologist currently doing sub-specialty training in Mohs micrographic surgery (a special type of skin cancer surgery), Ariel is training to be a dermatopathologist.

What does this blog talk about?

Our blog is going to talk about the science that drives how we take care of our skin in everyday life, whether it’s about cosmeceuticals, sunscreens, or even our perception of beauty. The conclusions that we present for each topic are based on our interpretation of the scientific evidence available.

Why are we doing this?

Let’s face it, there is a lot of hearsay out there about things we do in our everyday routine. For example:

  • What the heck is an SPF value and why do they sell stuff with an SPF of 100 if all we need is 50?

  • What are all these ingredients that keep getting put into face and body creams?

  • Do these skin care products actually do what they say they do?

  • Are organic and natural things actually better or is it a big scam?

As doctors and scientists, we have had the privilege of learning how to sift through the vast depths of scientific evidence out there. Using this knowledge, we hope to separate facts from myths and to share what we learned with you.

Are we funded by anyone?

Nope. We pay for the blog out of pocket and we do not receive any sponsorships. Our opinions are our own.  

Contact info:


Dr. Danny Guo, MD MSc

Dr. Yi Ariel Liu, MD